Thursday, August 6, 2009

Breathe Chapter 5

Chapter 5 ~ F-F-F-Falling

“I bricked it,” I mutter as my brother hangs his arm around my shoulder, laughing. He says he’s laughing with me, but I know that’s not true. He’s laughing at me and not that I blame him. I have this amazing woman that I’m fall in love with and I had her, almost naked in my arms, and I bricked it. I one hundred percent laid a fucking egg.

“Little bro, what are we gonna do with you?” Eric squeezes my shoulder and then cackles again, shaking his head as we walk into the restaurant. Right now I’d rather be just about anywhere or at least having the knowledge that I didn’t have to face her right now. Not in front of my brother. I probably would have done myself a favor by not telling him, but that’s one thing about my brothers. We share everything. Besides, I need his advice because right now I’m in over my head.

“She’s not just some other girl. She’s not like Jordy’s mystery Vegas experience,” I explain as I scan the tables for her while we’re waiting to be seated. “I’m serious about her Ric. I don’t know…this could be it for me.”

“Which is probably why you’ve turned into such a big fucking pussy,” Eric laughs, giving me a shove towards the waitress who’s watching us expectantly. “You’re just sorry you and Jared weren’t allowed at my stag so you want one of your own.”

“Yeah, I want to get arrested like you two idiots,” I sigh, shaking my head at him but glad for the respite all the same. “Reservation for three under….”

“There you are. I thought I was going to be late.” I turn to see Tippi busting through the doors, looking amazing in this red satin number that hugs all her luscious curves, a black dragon climbing from the hem up over her hips to curl enticingly around her breast, making my mouth dry as I think of how soft and white the slope of her breast is… Her lips are soft under mine as she reaches for my hand, and as her red lips draw slowly away from mine, I find that I can barely breathe. “So this is your brother?” she asks, turning towards Eric who’s standing close by, watching us with amusement.

“Yeah, sorry, Eric, this is Tippi,” I smile down at her, feeling my chest swell as she turns to Eric with a big smile and I watch him give her that once over look before smiling back at me and I know that he approves, at least he agrees that she’s hot.

“I’ve heard a lot about you already,” Eric begins, offering his hand which she takes and I can tell just by his eyes that he’s amazed at how strong her handshake is.

“Well I’m here to put all that straight,” she laughs, giving my hand a squeeze as the waitress clears her throat to get our attention and lead us to our table. Tippi lets go of my hand to adjust her jacket as she drapes it over her arm and leaves me behind her, admiring the way the tail of the dragon curves invitingly around her ass.

“And you haven’t tapped that Marky boy?” Eric whispers in my ear, giving me a shove from behind. “What are we gonna do with you?”

With a sigh, I nod my head and follow her, thinking that I really have to do something about that and soon, but it has to be right. It has to be perfect. I want everything to go just right, to be the kind of night she’ll never forget. The kind of night that she’ll tell all her friends about, that we’ll both remember, forever.


“I have to say, you two…I don’t really see the family resemblance,” Tippi muses as we walk hand in hand along the busy sidewalk, window shopping. Or at least that’s what she’s doing. Mostly I find myself watching her, just as I did while I was sitting between her and Eric at lunch. She just has so much energy, like a little kid, it’s kind of fun to watch.

“Yeah, I’ve been told that,” I reply quietly as she looks up at me for comment. “Just wait until you meet my other brothers though, then you’ll see it,” I add as a promise, to which she raises her eyebrow and grins.

“I’m going to meet your other brothers?” she laughs, offering her lips up to mine. I’ve been wanting to kiss her properly, and quite badly ever since she arrived this afternoon, but even now, I know I can’t. At least not in the middle of a busy New York sidewalk, it would cause a traffic jam.

“I hope so. I mean, if you want to,” I add hopefully to which she laughs and presses her lips briefly to mine. Too briefly, more of a brush than what I’ve been wanting, but then I’ve already got a plan forming in my head. If only we didn’t have a three game road trip coming up. It seems like we’ve only just got back and that’s never really bothered me before. I’ve always liked going on the road, hanging with the guys. I guess now I know why some of the married guys find it harder to be away.

“No sisters for me to get information out of?” she asks, tugging me towards the window of Macy’s full of ghosts, goblins and candy corn.

“Well there’s always Tanya, that’s Eric’s wife, but I’m sure my brothers would just love to tell you anything you’d like to know,” I reply wistfully, thinking about all the shit we used to get up to with ladyfingers and Roman Candles this time of year. It’s a wonder that all of us have all our fingers and toes. “Then of course there’s my mom,” I add, almost as an afterthought, but more because I know Eric will already be reporting back to her. I can imagine all the questions she’ll have for him, considering I haven’t been exactly forthcoming as far as she’s concerned. “I think she’d like you.”

“Moms always like me,” Tippi grins, turning to put her arms around my neck, offering me her lips again. It’s almost painful now, to just touch my lips to hers’ when I want so much more, especially when she molds her body to mine. The press of her full soft breasts against my chest makes it impossible not to think about the smooth, white skin beneath her dress, or what it would feel like to run my hands over it.

“We’re having this uh…fund raiser,” I begin, putting some space between us and moving her back into the stream of humanity so I’m not quite so tempted to press her up against the nearest flat surface and ravage her. I’m not Jordy, I do have some self control, which reminds me that he still owes me for helping him pay his bill off for that room in Vegas….

“Fund raiser, when?” she asks, giving my hand a squeeze and bringing me back to the present.

“On Saturday. I thought we could make a night of it?” I ask, turning to her as we walk, my heart leaping in my chest as she raises an eyebrow at me and smiles.

“I guess we better see about getting me a pretty new dress then huh?”


“So mom tells me you’re pretty serious about this chick. Do I get to meet her when I play you next week?” Jordy asks, and I can see the obnoxious smile on his face when he says it.

“Thankfully she has a court case next week and I’ll hardly get see her, so no, you won’t,” I chuckle as I walk down to the waiting town car on the street outside my apartment building. Normally I’d take a taxi, but not tonight. I want tonight to be special. No, not special, perfect.

“So have you hit that yet?” he asks, and I can hear the snickering in the background that tells me he’s told all of his teammates that I haven’t. For just a moment I want to tell him my plans for the evening, but on the other hand I know it’s not going to make it any better.

“So, I’ll see you next week,” I continue, ignoring the question altogether, knowing full well it won’t make it go away but at least it lets him know that I’m not going to answer him either.

“So you aren’t going to let me meet her and you’re not going to tell me if you’ve fucked her, when do the rest of us get to meet this chick?” he asks, the tone of his voice telling me that he knows he’s making me squirm. Fortunately for me, the car is already in sight and that gives me the excuse to let him go.

“I don’t know Jay, if you and Jared don’t learn how to behave around women, maybe never,” I chuckle as the driver opens the door for me and I duck in, sliding across the leather seat while the door closes behind me. “Maybe one day you’ll grow up and have an honest to god relationship and then maybe we can double date or something.”

“Ouch. Not fair. I told you, I met the woman of my dreams. She just took off before I woke up,” Jordan reminds me of the story he’s been telling since the NHL awards in Vegas of this mystery woman that he can’t stop talking about.

“In your dreams you mean,” I correct him, laughing when he lets out a dramatic sigh. “Seriously Jordan, take it from me, you might want to try a real woman for a change instead of these delusions of yours.” I add, laughing as he growls at me on the other end of the line. “Look man, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you next week.”

“I’ll get you for that Marky boy,” Jordan grumbles and I can picture him shaking his head as he hangs up the phone. Clicking my own phone shut, I drop it into the pocket of my tux jacket and sit back in the seat, grinning to myself. It’s good to win and we haven’t been doing as much of that out on the ice as I thought we would this season. Not so far anyway and the crowd has really been riding us. It feels good to be going out, knowing that people will have paid to hang out with us, so hopefully they’ll be in a better mood.

That and I’ve been looking forward to seeing Tip and I’m definitely looking forward to…well, to later.

Smiling to myself I glance down at my watch. I’m hoping we’ll only have to spend a couple of hours at the casino before we can escape back to my place and be alone, at last.

Picturing her, us, alone in my apartment has me breaking out in a sweat so I’m glad to step out onto the cool sidewalk when the car pulls up outside her apartment building. Ignoring the bitterly cold breeze, I buzz her apartment and smile to myself when the static filled voice says ‘coming down’ instead of asking who it is. Glancing up at the many lit windows of the brownstone, I wonder if she’d been watching for me, only to find Miki waving back.

Giving her a friendly wave, I turn my attention to the sound of the door opening to see Tippi emerging into the cold dark night in a low cut black number, her ample cleavage glowing white under the street light, her long legs pale and bare down to her diminutive ankles strapped into a pair of red patent leather Mary Jane’s with steel tipped stiletto heels. My mouth goes dry as I she offers her ruby red lips up to mine.

“You look…amazing,” I breathe as I gaze down at her, admiring the way her hair is pulled back into a tasteful pony tail, small diamonds perched on her ears, leaving her long, graceful neck bare and…very inviting.

“You look so handsome in that tux,” she smiles as I take her hand and lead her to the car. “Your shoulders look about a mile wide.”

“You have no idea how hard it is to get a tux that fits,” I sigh, thinking how much money I had to fork out to get one made because I couldn’t find out that actually fit without gaping in half the places and tugging in the other half.

“Well you look great,” she repeats as she slides into the back seat of the town car, leaving me standing on the sidewalk, watching those long legs disappear into the car, wondering just what it will be like to have those high heels in my bed, wrapped around my back…. “Coming?” she asks, peeking out at me while the driver glances at me, concerned.

“Uh…yeah, absolutely,” I mutter, sliding in beside her, wondering if we can get away with only spending an hour at the fund raiser.

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